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KS Softech Private Limited is a team that has seasoned itself in the art of digital marketing, web development, search engine optimization, e-commerce management, and Google Analytics. Our core focus is bringing out the more diverse digital approaches to induce higher traffic, sales, leads, and customer engagement to our client's websites and online stores.

Catering to clients across the region of India, the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, and Europe, our core competency lies is affordable and actionable web development, streamlined SEO, paid media marketing, and eCommerce store management - all of which are used comprehensively in a unique digital approach for our customers.

Our Mission

KS Softech Private Limited was founded out of a growing need to build an agency that served as a trusted digital business partner and made every possible effort to eliminate obfuscation. We have put more focus on the client's expectations, and infusing them with our analytical strategy to bring back data-backed results. We strive to emphasize the value of clear communication with the clients, and combining it with what the data reveals, helping KS Softech Private Limited carve out a strategy for the long run.

When hand-picking the best team for the job, our goal is to create a constantly developing internal checklist to measure the quality metrics of our team. At KS Softech Private Limited, transparency comes first with clear communication from the management with one-on-one meetings, before the job is secured, but continuing a direct line of communication with the client all throughout the project, for satisfactory results.

Our Values

The work done at KS Softech Private Limited boils down to becoming a trusted business advisor for our clients. Establishing a thought partnership with our clients is the end-goal, and we encourage a safe space for uncompromising conversations to keep pushing our relationship forward. Depending on the expertise of our team, and combining it with the ground knowledge of the business owners, we let data drive the decision-making process with brutal honesty, and complete transparency.

We believe that maintaining a continuous cycle of training is extremely important to the growth of any digital marketing company. Since technology changes rapidly in the online world, KS Softech Private Limited strives to hire and maintain a team that can adapt fluidly to fit your goals. Apart from a knowledgeable, technical management team by your side, you will find passion and talent is what keeps KS Softech Private Limited going forward.

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