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eCommerce Marketplace Account Management

In today's competitive times, online sellers must establish themselves on eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Overstock, and several others. When it comes to skyrocketing sales and significantly increase product visibility among a list of competitors, the success mantra of marketing is all about precisely setting up and effectively managing your product inventory.

Online marketplace controls comprise a sturdy inventory management method, robust listings creation, smart product marketing, top customer service, effective sales reporting, regular inventory analysis, and disciplined order management. KS Softech Private Limited supports sellers in optimizing their performance on these popular online marketplaces, increasing the business's reach, encouraging a boost in sales & increasing the sales conversion ratios and rankings.

What we offer:

  • Complete Content & Listing Creations and Updating Solution.
  • Keyword Research & Analysis for Product and Category Targeting.
  • Regulated Campaign Tracking & Continuous Cycle of Optimization.
  • Detail-Oriented Product Page Optimization.
  • Data-Driven Order Management Support.
  • Q&A Support & Marketplace Customer Services.
  • Managing and Executing Sponsored Ads Campaigns.
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