Websites With Custom Business Management System

BMS - (Business Management System) - is a web-based application that manages or runs a website with specific business functions or requirements. These web-based tools allows business owners to run their website with a business mindset.

KS Softech is dedicated to providing the best Quality, Value and Service to meet our customers' needs thru our custom Business Management Systems for our customers' eCommerce websites.

Features of a Business Management System can contain:

» Content Management System or Content Control - the ability to change content in a website
» News or Announcements - post news or special announcements that can be categorized, archived and syndicate via RSS feeds
» Web Form - the ability to create numerous custom forms, capturing data to be utilized for business intelligence
» Blog - ability to post blogs and syndicate via RSS feeds
» Photo Galleries - group photos and post them on the website
» eCommerce - to accept secure payment for products and/or services
» CRM - (Customer Relationship Management) manage customer data captured from all aspects of communication within the website
» Workflow - arrange for a systematic approach of dealing or managing business actions implemented within the website
» Statistical Data - capture and compile statistical data for business intelligence