Textile Laboratory Information Management System

Persistently - following the growing consumer demand for high quality, textile testing support has been introduced to lessen hazard and shield the concern of both manufacturers and consumers.

To make life easier for Testing Laboratories, we have developed, Lab Quest - Laboratory Information Management System which is an ERP System, developed for Testing Laboratories. The main objective of the system is to make operations easier and paper less. The system works right from sample registration till final invoicing also including the test report generation along with vendor performance and brand performance, having test summaries with respect to test failures or passed test results.

Lab Quest runs as browser based application running on web, hence avoiding local installations and networking hassles.

The system can be used by multiple people at one time, and they can login as per their roles and rights provided by the Administrator.

The system can also work for multiple branches of your Testing Laboratory, the users can not only register samples from multiple branches, they can use the whole system as it will work specifically for the logged in branch.

Features of the software :

» Masters
» Party Master
» Test Package Masters
» Additional Test Masters
» Azo Test Masters
» Walk In Test Masters
» Create Users
» Create Clients

Textile testing Process :

» Registration
» Test Report Generation
» Invoices
» Vendor & Client

Test Report Generation :

» Woven
» Knitted Fabric
» Scarf Dry Cleaning
» Lining Packages
» Knitted Garment Packages


» Client Name
» Bill No.

» Bill Date


» Amount

» Debit

» Narration

Vendor & Client Analysis :

» Client Login

» Filter Reports

» Work In Progress Reports

» Bar Graph Analysis

» Pie Chart Analysis

» Overall Pass Reports
» Overall Fail Reports